We Believe

Participation in youth sports programs:

  • Enriches each player's athletic experience
  • Promotes student academic achievement
  • Develops good citizenship and healthy lifestyles
  • Fosters involvement of a diverse population
  • Promotes positive school/community relations
  • Is a privilege

The Offshore VBC

  • Promotes fair play and good sportsmanship
  • Delivers a quality youth volleyball program to families in the Long Beach area and surrounding communities


Offshore Volleyball Club (OVBC) is a youth indoor and beach volleyball program for Long Beach residents and it's surrounding communities. OVBC was established in 2010 with our first full season of competition in 2011. OVBC is committed to providing the highest level of training for players aged 8-18 years old.

Our goal is to immerse serious volleyball athletes into the best possible, positive teaching environment where participants (regardless of experience) reach their maximum potential and learn to play for a team that is committed, organized and prepared to compete. Our coaching staff is aware that we are in the business of mentoring young people by teaching them the values, through sport, that will help them succeed in life.

The Offshore Volleyball Club of Long Beach offers Long Beach area kids the physical, emotional, and social benefits of team sports. We know that athletics can foster healthy childhood development through the love of physical activity. There’s joy in structured play, and delight in learning new skills. There are also early lessons in self-mastery and cooperation. Offshore Volleyball’s mission is not just to create strong volleyball players. We hope to instill in our kids the values that make better athletes and better citizens through goal setting, discipline, teamwork, and problem solving.


Offshore VBC was started in May of 2010 with a group of kids that trained on the grass at a local park. Every year since has seen the continued growth and strengthening of the teams.